Partnership Tutor Network Day – Guest Post

This month we are handing over to another guest blogger – Prabha Parthasarathy – who was a winner of the Partnership Tutor Fund in 2016/17. 

You can find out more about the Partnership Tutor Fund on the ADQE webpages.

Without further ado, let me hand over to Prabha:

On 31st March this year, a networking lunch event was organised at the Friston Building. Funded through ADQE, the main purpose of the event was to enable foundation students of the Study Group, to get a flavour of University Life at Sussex.

In addition to Study Group foundation students (of the Life Science Pathway), the event was attended by current Life Science students, Heena Jagatia-Ph.D student , myself-Link Tutor for Life Science pathway, Kristy Lascelles- Subject Leader- Study Group and Sandamalee Senanyake- Biology Tutor, Study Group.

In this fun yet informative session, Heena Jagatia, a Ph.D student, gave a talk on her career timeline, highlighting her laboratory achievements. This was followed by a talk by Elmi Dahir, a former Study Group student, now a third year B.Sc Biomedical Science student. His lively talk included some of the stimulating experiences at Life Sciences.

In addition to talks, study group students had the opportunity to build a DNA model and during this time , they interacted with first year Life Science students. They soon became comfortable and were invited to attend a lecture taken by Prof Jonathan Bacon, Teaching Award Winner -2017.

Overall, this was an extremely useful session and received excellent feedback. One student said:

“having conversations with first year students gave me an overview of the different courses and the opportunities we get such as shadowing and summer internships”.

Another student commented:

“students talking about their passion and dreams made me feel inspired”.

We hope that this small step will go a long way in promoting our goal of inclusive learning at the University.


Prabha Parthasarathy

Partnership tutor – International Study Group – Life Science Pathway

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