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‘Knowing your place’: How space impacts on learning

By Dr Liz Sage (FHEA) Teaching Fellow in Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Higher Education Department of Education University of Sussex During the ten years I’ve been teaching at Sussex, I’ve taught in some pretty varied contexts. Freshly-built lecture theatres

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Is the ‘time of the assessed essay’ over?

By Phil Race Let me say at the outset that in many disciplines, there are few problems caused by assessed essays – they may not even be used at all. Before 1791 when it is said that the University of

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The Active Learning Network: embracing interactive learning

By Wendy Garnham How can we prepare students for careers which may not exist yet and a world which is changing so rapidly that no one can predict what it will look like? What tools and strategies can help to

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Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2019 Teaching in the Spotlight: Innovation for Teaching Excellence

Submission deadline: Monday 7 January 2019 Conference dates 2-4 July 2019 The call for papers for the 2019 conference is now open.

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Journeys to Narnia: Uncovering the hidden in students’ academic reading practices

By Alice Shepherd “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” (C.S. Lewis dedication of, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’).  Given that many texts we ask our students to read are very distant from the vivid world

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