Student internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur: Blog 1

Student interns at the Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

By Olivia Aziz, BSc Marketing and Management with Psychology

A group of University of Sussex Business School and Engineering School students, accompanied by Ödül Bozkurt, Senior Lecturer in International Human Resource Management arrived in Malaysia on 16 June to start a month-long internship with Malaysian telecommunications provider TIME dotCom.  The students have a full and varied programme with the company, meeting with teams from across the business to get real insight into the telecoms industry.  

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Outrun Exam Stress with the University of Sussex Business School

By Dr. C. Rashaad Shabab, Teaching Fellow in Economics

Examinations are stressful and the University of Sussex Business School’s exams are no exception. Finding an effective tool to manage that stress can be the key to reaching one’s academic potential. In this post, I outline why the stress-busting and attainment-boosting effects of running are especially suited to helping students during the exam season. I will then announce some initiatives that University of Sussex Business School is undertaking this assessment block to help students manage exam stress.

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MBA Trip to Berlin

Sussex MBA students recently took a four-day trip to Berlin. The trip has helped them to understand Germany’s multi-faceted history to effectively do business with Germans/in Germany, and be socially responsible employees and employers who focus on equalities, diversity and inclusion. It has also provided greater opportunity for the MBA students to network with each other, and enrich their time studying together.

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Dreams do come true – how a Sussex scholarship transformed my life

Ophelia Serwaa Bonsu

By Ophelia Serwaa Bonsu, MSc Development Economics

For the most part of my life, I nurtured the dream to undertake a part of my education in one of the best universities in a developed country.  After my secondary education, I could not realize this dream partly because of financial constraints accounting for the reason why I had to pursue my undergraduate studies in my home country (Ghana). I believed a person could do whatever she set her mind to so I made a conscious effort to rise above all odds to realize this dream.  This took a lot determination and hard work. 

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Chartered Management Institute (CMI)’s Interactive Workshop

By Yuki Kikuchi

Last week, Phil Grant from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) ran an amazing interactive workshop focusing on Pitch to IBM students. The workshop was based on an introductory lecture about Pitch in Week8, which was also held by the CMI. The workshop was specifically built this into the module to improve engagement, to develop the quality of presentations to be held in Weeks 11 and 12 and to help employability skills (communication/teamwork) and to give the students the opportunity to put into practice elements they are learning.

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My experience as an international student parent

Halloween Party by Students' Union in Falmer House

Halloween Party by Students’ Union in Falmer House

By Rika Safrina

Many people expressed their doubt when they knew I was going to study a Masters Degree abroad with my 4 year old child. Studying at postgraduate level is already hard enough, let alone being in a faraway country with different language and culture, and on top of that all, taking care of a kid without support systems that I can get easily in my hometown. Fortunately, my daughter and I have received enormous help since we came to Brighton 2 months ago. We are settling very well, thanks to all the facilities and supports available around us.

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My Study Abroad Experience – Shenzhen, China

By Thomas Fairbank

When people ask me ‘how was your time in china?’ I never really know where to start; it was a mixture of emotions and a different experience every day. From cooking dumplings and learning mandarin, to drinking beer on the Great Wall of China, I really can say my experience was once in a lifetime. Read more ›

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My Student Experience of the recent trip to Florence and Milan 2018

By Alexander Halls

The recent trip to Italy ran by the Dawn, Matt and Medina was a very interesting and engaging insight into economic activities by businesses in the cities of Florence where we stayed for 4 days and Milan where we stayed for 2 days; in this short blog I will be detailing my highlights about the visit. Firstly, we arrived in the city of Florence which is a symbol of the Renaissance and is renowned for its architecture. Read more ›

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LUISS Business School MBA International Week in Rome

By Elizabeth Vieira

The LUISS Business School MBA International week in Rome consisted of a diverse student group from all over the world, and it was an extremely valuable experience.

Upon arrival, we began working on a real-life business case for a temporary art exhibition site called Scuderie Del Quirinale (SdQ). During the first days of the week, we had SdQ management team explain their business model, their accomplishments and their difficulties. We also visited the actual exhibition site and attended a display which used modern technology to project historic events. Read more ›

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 11

By Amie

Bye Berhad Malaysia for now: Educational, Enjoyable and Beneficial Internship program

As we approached the end of our internship with TIME, we had the opportunity to even further experience the customer service sector of the business. On Wednesday morning, Sumi informed us on one of the main levels of feedback that the company receives from their customers. Net Easy Score (NES) is a satisfaction survey that agents working in the Contact Centre send to customers via SMS after completing a customer service call.

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