Course Data project

A JISC funded project aimed at improving course-related data at Sussex University

Programme meeting 29 January 2013 – show and tell



I’m on the train back to Brighton from Birmingham and I want to thank Ruth and all of the Course Data programme team for a really great day.

It was particularly useful for the Sussex team to see the Aggregators and Services lightening talks where we saw a number of useful and relevant applications for the XCRI-CAP data that we’ve all been working so hard to create. I think some of these aggregators will really help us to demonstrate the immediate worth of the project to our senior manager stakeholders.

It was also useful to hear the various discussions about sustaining this programme, particularly given the changes taking place at Jisc. Graduate Prospects stated that they definitely intend to accept data in XCRI-CAP format within a year,  and UCAS gave some indication that XCRI-CAP is on their roadmap.

(Given that most people who are interested in XCRI-CAP were probably at the event, I won’t write detailed notes here, but have written them up on my own blog.)

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