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A JISC funded project aimed at improving course-related data at Sussex University

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XCRI Feed – We’re LIVE!



On Friday we submitted our Final Report … and this morning at 11am, we published our *course data feed*… … and here’s the link to our XML … and we celebrated with a chink of fruit filled plastic cupsĀ  – thank you Carol! Jane

Programme meeting 29 January 2013 – show and tell



I’m on the train back to Brighton from Birmingham and I want to thank Ruth and all of the Course Data programme team for a really great day. It was particularly useful for the Sussex team to see the Aggregators and Services lightening talks where we saw a number of useful and relevant applications for […]

A word on our unit testing



For our unit tests we opted to stick to the standard framework for unit testing Java applications, JUnit. As ever, it is very easy to unit test methods using JUnit, but there are some features of JUnit 4 that make it even easier. Once again, the use of annotations has simplified the process of creating […]

Security for the feed



The project team have been considering some of the aspects of security for this project. Unlike other web services we produce, the XCRI-CAP feed will not require authentication. Most of our standard web services require consumers to authenticate and are only available from on campus. When considering security risks such as denial of service attacks, […]

developer progress



I have so far developed the process for producing the XCRI-CAP feed. The application runs overnight to populate a separate set of tables for the XCRI-CAP datasource and then creates the main XCRI-CAP file. This has been validated using the JISC validator tool ( ) and passes with some warnings (largely on missing abstracts and […]