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A word on our unit testing



For our unit tests we opted to stick to the standard framework for unit testing Java applications, JUnit. As ever, it is very easy to unit test methods using JUnit, but there are some features of JUnit 4 that make it even easier. Once again, the use of annotations has simplified the process of creating […]

3. KIS – Technical Design Doc



KIS Extract and data population Technical Design document Purpose This document covers the software developed to provide the facility to extract the required data for the KIS data set return, allow user review and amendment and the generation of the XML format file for upload to HESA. Background The KIS collection (C12061) is a new […]

New features of Java EE 6 used in this project (part 2)



As mentioned in my last post, the XCRI-CAP project has allowed us to use many of the new features of Java EE 6. One of the new features we’ve been able to implement is the RESTful web service support via JAX-RS.  Previously we have implemented JAX-WS web services by turning EJB Session beans into web […]

New features of Java EE 6 used in this project (part 1)



The XCRI-CAP project has given us the perfect reason to implement some of the new features of Java EE 6. Glassfish application server 3 is one of the first fully compliant Java EE 6 application servers. I’d like to mention some of the features I’ve made use of. The first is the new scheduling feature […]

JAXB Headache



The problems with using JAXB to parse the XCRI-CAP schema still persist. I was hoping the newer version of the schema would be parseable but the issues we had before Christmas still seem to be there: It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones with this problem. It’s also nice to know that […]