Course Data project

A JISC funded project aimed at improving course-related data at Sussex University

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1. Course Data stage 2 – Project Update



Hi …  I’m Jane Major, project managing the  Course Data Stage 2 work.  I’ve worked as a PM for about 6 years at Sussex and this is my first JISC project.  So … some retrospective blogging.  Having taking on the project at the 2nd stage, it was a matter of catching up on what it […]

developer progress



I have so far developed the process for producing the XCRI-CAP feed. The application runs overnight to populate a separate set of tables for the XCRI-CAP datasource and then creates the main XCRI-CAP file. This has been validated using the JISC validator tool ( ) and passes with some warnings (largely on missing abstracts and […]

JAXB Headache



The problems with using JAXB to parse the XCRI-CAP schema still persist. I was hoping the newer version of the schema would be parseable but the issues we had before Christmas still seem to be there: It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones with this problem. It’s also nice to know that […]