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Royal Household Servants at Brighton Pavilion

Museums and the Art History Department at Sussex, which is based on research and knowledge exchange.  Little work has been done on the household staff employed by successive monarchs at the Royal Pavilion, yet this is the very subject visitors increasingly inquire about.  The Research Associate will examine archival material at the Royal Pavilion, the National Archives, and the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. The work requires making connections through the Society of Court Studies with others working in this field and absorbing what little secondary literature there is. The outcome of the work will be the development of text and images for a web-based or conventional publication. If the project draws out enough visually appealing material, a temporary exhibition in the Prince Regent Gallery in the Royal Pavilion has been raised as a possibility. The project is linked to the University’s knowledge exchange commitment to deliver economic impact to the regional areas.  In this case, the aim is to boost visitor numbers to the Brighton pavilion by capitalising on the public’s interest in television series such as Downtown Abbey and the documentary “Servants – The True Story of Life Below Stairs”

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