Welcome to FLINT

So this is it, the very first edition of FLINT, the official online student magazine for University of Sussex students.

Every two weeks we will be sending you a new edition via email in which we provide with the low-down on the key bits of Sussex info you want to know about.

We know, more than most people, that the way people consume information has changed – something we have tried to address by housing FLINT on the SussexMobile app. So keep an eye out for the FLINT over the coming weeks.

We’ve also thought long and hard about what you want to know about – and equally – what you don’t. Our hope then that is that you find within FLINT is useful: a selection of awesome job opportunities, student blogs and opinion, interesting speakers on campus, opportunities, awareness campaigns – anything that we feel will benefit you, University of Sussex students.

In this first edition, the attention turns the half way point in the year and the start of assessments.

It’s a busy time of year. Christmas already seems months ago and now the reality of the work ahead is here.

With that in mind, we have some great features for you to provide you with the best possible information and advice to ensure a successful January.

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