Pre and Posttest Videos

These videos are for use by teachers in assessing understanding of compuational concepts before and after using Flip. The accompanying links are to the survey monkey quizzes which should be filled out by each pupil whilst watching the videos.

Village Adventure: Video Questionnaire

Jeera The Sorceress: Video Questionnaire


Flip Video Tutorials

Videos created January 2011 showing the latest version of Flip

Video 1 – Introducing the Flip interface and adding actions to conversations using Flip

Video 2 – Using events with Flip and saving and loading Flip scripts

Video 3 – Using conditionals and Booleans in Flip scripts

Video 4 – Using Flip to add conditions to conversation lines


Flip User Guide

Flip User Guide: a graphical guide to using Flip, including a troubleshooting section.


Archive Video Game Making Guides:

These video guides were prepared for a series of school workshops in 2010 using the NWN2 toolset. Two of the later videos demonstrate the Flip language plugin, and some others show how to use a plugin called Narrative Threads which aims to support storytelling.

Getting started and using the terrain editor

Adding objects using blueprints, and play-testing your game

Adding characters and items as Story Elements using Narrative Threads

Customising characters using the properties window

Writing conversations

Writing conversations (Narrative Threads version)

Writing scripts with Flip

Creating Interior Areas and Area Transitions

Creating branching narrative diagrams with Narrative Threads

Writing scripts with Flip: events and conditionals

Creating Interior Areas and Area Transitions with Narrative Threads

Archive PDF Game Making Guides:

These guides were prepared for a series of school workshops in 2009 using the default NWN2 toolset.

Getting Started

Working with Characters (factions and basic conversations)

Adding Actions to Conversations

Giving the Player an Item (extension to Adding Actions worksheet)

Adding Conditions to Conversations

Area Transitions

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