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Mitigation vs Adaptation: How would you tackle global climate change?

As temperatures soared to record highs in 2017, the impacts of climate change on global ecosystems, human health and the livelihoods of some of the world’s most vulnerable people are already being felt and only set to increase.

Approaches to tackling growing climate change impacts can be split into two main categories:

Mitigation: taking action to reduce climate change impacts by curtailing damaging activities- such as switching to renewable energy or developing geoengineering technologies.

Adaptation: taking action in response to climate change impacts to protect against environmental threats- such as migrating away from areas vulnerable to drought or changing land management to better deal with flooding or biodiversity protection.

Within these two approaches there is myriad different possibilities and opportunities- some that may overlap, or that are completely divergent.

As time to tackle this global crisis begins to dwindle, we want to know…

What do you feel is the most pressing challenge posed by climate change and what you would do to either mitigate or adapt against it?