Peak demand on Sussex Direct

Traffic on Sussex Direct on 9 April showing peaks at 8.00am

This chart shows the numbers of web requests we received for Sussex Direct during each five minute period on 9 April 2015. From 8.00am, first and second-year students were able to choose elective modules for the next academic year and there was a huge spike in traffic as a result.

The graph shows just how exceptional the demand is for a very short period of time but we do the best we can to handle it. We put in extra web servers to manage the load and staff were on site from the early morning to monitor performance. Systems held up well in the end – Sussex Direct worked continuously through the peak and thousands of students were able to make their choices in the first few minutes.

When Sussex Direct hit its limits of simultaneous users, any new visitors saw a Website busy notice, but this was only for a few minutes. From around 8.12am, all requests were being answered immediately.

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