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Did you know that, armed with just a library card, you can borrow a laptop in the library?  We’ve been working with the library to provide this new service that allows for a six-hour loan of a Chromebook before they’re put back into their lockers to charge up again.  We’re really pleased with how it’s been working out and it seems the users are too; we’ve had lots of great feedback and the statistics show that the Chromebooks go in and out of their lockers like your left foot in the hokey cokey.  There’s been such a good uptake of the service that we’re hoping to increase the numbers available for loan in the near future.

The laptops do have to stay within the library, but they’re a hugely useful resource for students, giving you a new, more flexible way to access online journals and ebooks in addition to checking emails and well, doing whatever else you do on the internet (using Facebook and looking at cat videos, right?).

When you combine a Chromebook with the recently-added facility to access and edit documents through Office 365, you really can get a lot of work done on these nifty little things.

For more information, check out the IT Services page on Chromebook loans and this snazzy homegrown animation.


And for when you get online…


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2 comments on “Chromebook loans
  1. Vanessa says:

    Ah, it is all good in Sussex. *looks wistful*

  2. Claire Craig says:

    It is, Vanessa. It is jazzy and beautiful round these parts. Never too late for some more studies ;)

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