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Software spotlight: Office 365

Sharp eyes and smart minds will remember that fairly recently we posted a blog article about Office 365, and here comes another one already. Why? Firstly, because we have a whole new lot of Freshers to talk to and secondly,

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Subscribe to our mailing list Here at IT Services we do try our best to make sure that our news reaches you as we know that even minor disruptions, either planned or unplanned, can really disrupt your studies, your research,

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Ten Top Apps for Students … part 2

Did you miss part 1 of this article? Pomodoro Don’t underestimate the power of this tiny little app. Such is its influence on me, this is the second time I’ve written about it. For those of us whose willpower needs

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Ten Top Apps for Students … part 1

Adjusting to life at uni can be difficult, and even if you’ve been here for a while now you might find your organisational skills still need some tweaking. Thankfully, as with most other problems these days, there’s an app to

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Time warp…

Just as a teaser for a blog post of the future, I’ve just been given some photos of IT equipment at Sussex in years gone by and couldn’t resist sharing this one.  I’ve been sent these by our email expert Andy

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Lecture Theatres

Microphones in lecture rooms Lapel and handheld microphones are being returned to the combination boxes in lecture theatres. If you’re teaching in a lecture room and want to open the box to retrieve a mic, please call 8022 for the

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Welcome Weekend 2015

Arrivals weekend has been and gone – thousands of students flooded onto campus, each armed with their laptops, their phones, their tablets. Here at IT Services we’re used to meeting a large number of students over the weekend who are

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Calling all new and returning students…

It’s the beginning of a new academic year and we’re looking forward to the campus becoming a lovely busy buzzy place to be again with the arrivals of this year’s freshers this weekend. To stay in touch with ITS news

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Celeb breakup!!! Java and Chrome “Consciously Uncouple”

Earlier this week, Chrome discontinued support for NPAPI-based plug-ins. If you’re anything like me, that’s not going to initially mean much to you, only you might have heard it’s got something to do with Java, and well, Java has just

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What can you expect from IT Services at the University of Sussex?

It’s not long since the phones were ringing loud and often over at Clearing HQ and the air was generally abuzz with sounds of students celebrating getting into their university of choice, and it’s not long until you future freshers

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