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Hi everyone, 

How’re you? How’s work and study going? Hope you’re all doing fine. 

My life and study in Syria is getting quite intense. 

When I arrived in Damascus, last month, I felt a bit unsafe doing research without having formal authorisation from the Syrian authorities. Hence, I decided to seek assistance from the Italian embassy, IOM and UNHCR Syria. This week, I started working as an intern in the UNHCR registration unit in Douma, Damascus. As you may imagine, the collaboration with UNHCR entails a number of opportunities and limits research wise and plenty of responsabilities.  

Conducting research outside the UN sphere is more adventurous but tiring. I became a member of the AIKIDO club in Jermana, where I made friends with some Iraqi young men who introduced me to their families and friends and the story goes on….. 

Today I was at the Iraqi Cultural Forum, where someone showed me proudly a photo taken during a meeting with President Bashar Al-Asad. 

Tomorrow I have to report to the Syrian Immigration and Passports Department to obtain a residence permit. I hope they will allow me to stay without problems. I’m enjoying fieldwork and I would love to tell you more details, but I have too much work to do.  

Take good care and let’s keep in touch.  


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