En route over Greenland

Welcome to the first entry for the Los Angeles field class blog for 2017. Each day of the trip we will record our activities including, hopefully, lots of content and comments from the students. Everyone reading is warmly encouraged to make comments and contributions too, so please feel free to send them in. We are also running a Twitter feed, so please follow @SussexGeogLA . This will include other content including pictures, videos etc. of us in the field as it happens. If you’re a tweeter please include @SussexGeogLA and we can re-tweet you.



Arriving at LAX

Martin, Catherine and I arrived yesterday to set things up for the students – picking up vans, sorting out the hotel accommodation, buying maps, etc. It’s all going smoothly at the moment which is worrisome because usually something has gone wrong by now – that’s unless you count the fact that it took Martin 15 minutes to park his van yesterday (badly) and Catherine forgetting to bring her mobile to the T-Mobile shop to install a new SIM…oh, and forgetting her toothbrush.



Comfort Inn

Our home from home for the next 10 days



Two of our three vans.

We now await the arrival of the students who are coming in on flights throughout the day – we’ll be making several airport runs today.


Maps for each of the students. Tomorrow they will use them to navigate the orientation route


We have an ‘early’ start (= 9.00am) tomorrow for the orientation day. This will involve practising the lost geographical arts of map reading and field sketching. Please read the account of when it’s posted because the results are often interesting, sometimes disturbing, frequently abstract.

You can see who is on the trip by clicking ‘Who’s who’. We met for 9 weeks before departure and they’re all fully briefed on the city, and I think very excited about what the next 10 days has in store. The weather looks like it will be warm and sunny throughout our stay.

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