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Psychogeography in Hollywood

Today the students worked in small groups and explored one of the most iconic spaces in Los Angeles, Hollywood. So far we have tended to explore the exotic (as in strange) and the spectacular: Beverley Hills, Orange County, South Central

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Downtown LA

We spent the day in Downtown LA today. LA, as those of you who have been reading this account for the past week will be aware, is a multi-nodal city: it has lots of centres, lots of downtowns and itself

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Venice Beach

The majority of today’s blog entry is written by the students. You can click on the images below and each will take you to the work of one of the four groups. They have spent the day in Venice, a

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East LA – Boyle Heights

After a refreshing and relaxing day off we were straight back into the action today most of which was spent in Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles. We set off for East LA from Santa Monica after singing – badly

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South Central LA: Watts

Today we looked at the consequences of the other side of the economic history of Los Angeles and explored South Central Los Angeles, specifically Watts. Whilst Orange County was benefiting from government defence spending and growing lighter hi-tech industries in

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Orange County – Rancho Santa Margarita

Bright and early this morning we set off south of LA to Orange County and spent the whole day in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita (RSM). RSM is a young city and the first incorporated city of the millennium

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Although we started with overcast skies, today the weather was mostly clear and sunny. I am hoping that this clarity coupled with the nine weeks of reading about LA, preparing presentations and listening to a series of boring lectures I

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Welcome to the first entry for the Los Angeles field class blog for 2017. Each day of the trip we will record our activities including, hopefully, lots of content and comments from the students. Everyone reading is warmly encouraged to

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