Policy Briefs (newest first)

Boosting Productivity and Agricultural Wages in India [April 2018]

Improving the effectiveness of the UK’s medical innovation ecosystem [November 2017]

Humanitarian Corridors: safe and legal pathways [Autumn 2017]

English language for resettled refugees [Spring 2017]

The National Infrastructure Assessment [February 2017]

Exploring the meaning of ‘energy security’ in the UK [September 2016]

FoRB – Recognising our differences can be our strength [Summer 2016]

Stopping conflict minerals with the OECD Guidance for responsible mineral supply chains [May 2016]

Research Briefs (newest first)

Nuclear industry in the UK: Back to the future? [September 2016]

Supporting cultural change to improve equality and diversity in Higher Education policy brief [May 2016]

Other publications

The impatient person’s guide to achieving diversity in leadership teams [May 2018]