Goodbye to Nicola!

The SAAT team are sad to announce that Nicola Trathen, our Service Design Programme Officer, is leaving us today. Nikki has had a long history with Sussex University, having completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies with us, later returning to work in SSRO. Read more ›

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SAAT team members Stefan Vassall and Sara Hinchliffe are running the Brighton marathon for podo research

Stefan and Sara pose with their Preventing Podo t-shirt

The University has a team aiming to raise £50k for brilliant Sussex research into podoconiosis, a debilitating disease of the legs and feet mainly affecting people in sub-Saharan Africa. Here we are modelling our Preventing Podo t-shirts, so you can recognise us on the run, which is on Sunday 9 April. If you’d like to sponsor us, please go to the fundraising pages here:

Sara’s fundraising page

Stefan’s fundraising page

Look out for us on Sunday – it’ll be a beautiful day and we need the support!

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Post-its, progress, and positivity – My experience being seconded onto the SAAT programme

Nicola Trathen blogs about her experience being seconded onto the SAAT programme

I decided to apply for a secondment on the SAAT programme after I attended a blueberry morning with the SAAT team where we worked in groups to look for ‘quick wins’. I was amazed at how positive and enthusiastic the team were but more than that, I could see that this was a way that I could genuinely affect change in a meaningful way. I went back to my office after that workshop feeling inspired, energetic and genuinely excited about what we could achieve, so I started filling in an application form for a secondment on the SAAT service design team. Read more ›

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Welcome to the SAAT blog!

Spring is well underway and we’re already beginning to feel the seasonal transition. It’s a new phase for the year, the University, and for the SAAT programme.

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