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Facilitation – as simple as that

Adam Willsmore, Service Design Officer, blogs about his experience of facilitation If you’ve ever received an invitation to a facilitated workshop and thought “how do I get out of this?” then you’ve possibly experienced a (bad) manager standing at the

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Team top tip: Pomodoro

Sara Hinchliffe shares her top tip for staying focused I’m experimenting with the Pomodoro technique to manage tasks which need a bit of consistent attention. All you need is a plastic kitchen timer (in the shape of a tomato). The

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Service news from the SAAT team

Sara Hinchliffe, operating model lead, gives an update on the SAAT Programme and service news   Hello from the SAAT team. We’ve been inspired to revitalise our blog and will be posting regularly, including updates on services and technology. We’ll

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Team top tips

Dean Collins shares his top tip for staying organised  In a world where most people have a smartphone, there are many tools and apps to help us stay organised. However everyone is different, and what’s useful for one person might

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