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Sara Hinchliffe, operating model lead, gives an update on the SAAT Programme and service news


Hello from the SAAT team. We’ve been inspired to revitalise our blog and will be posting regularly, including updates on services and technology. We’ll also be including ideas and tips from the team.


Service news

Many of the service teams have just completed the first set of improvements identified by the teams in their design workshops. We’re calling these ‘service version 1 – SV1’; and teams are going on to review and prioritise their next set of improvement actions ready for students’ arrival for the next academic session.

Below some of the service leads talk about their teams’ work: feel free to contact the service lead, or the SAAT team to find out more.


Student visa services – led by Alice Robertson

‘We have established a single student-facing entry point (on the web) for student queries, with appropriate escalations for complex questions. We’ve mapped communications to students and identify key and clear contact points. This will support students who aren’t clear where to go for help.’


My potential – led by Andrea Wall

‘We have improved our webpages to include coherent, accessible and relevant information on working at Sussex under a clear My Potential banner, to provide students with a smoother and more transparent experience.’


Research student services – led by Miles Willey

‘We have improved single team working across research services as a whole by initiating a project to clearly define and communicate roles and responsibilities across RSAOs, RECs, the Doctoral School and other central departments. We have collated a consistent and widely shared document highlighting key dates and periods across the research year so that the various departments know when to expect more enquiries and can flex to support the needs of the students.’


Digital skills – led by David Walker

‘The Digital Skills team have designed and piloted a new series of workshops, branded as Digital Tuesdays. These are aimed at students and staff to support the development of a broad spectrum of digital capabilities. The Digital Skills offering is being promoted through consolidated information on the web, pop-up stands in the library, and through the network of Library Ambassadors. The SV1 will define the role description for Digital Reps with a view to establishing a dedicated team in the new academic year.’


Scholarships – led by Amy Andrews

‘We have published the new scholarships database to our external website which will enable prospective students to quickly and easily search for scholarships and funding based on their eligibility.’


Reasonable adjustments and exceptional circumstances – led by Christine Clark

‘We have reviewed our current procedures and guidance notes, including terminology, to ensure they are consistent as well as planned an induction for new staff. We have introduced some new processes, to reduce duplication and ensure that information is shared appropriately on CMS.’


External examiners – led by Carmel Oxley-King

‘We have reviewed the presentation of the external examiner nominations and appointment process to ensure that processes are clearly laid out, and that a new nominations checklist is available to support staff. We have clarified roles and responsibilities in communicating with external examiners to ensure that communications are timely and effective.’


Curriculum design and management – led by Frank Melmoe

‘We have designed and run training sessions for staff on consumer legislation as it relates to curriculum design. We have piloted new timescales and processes (including quicker formal approval for agreed proposals) to support speedier curriculum development and approval. We have established a curriculum design community, initially focusing on staff, but in September launching to the student community.’


Student academic integrity – led by Carmel Oxley-King

‘We have published revised toolkits for staff to ensure that they are aware of the rules and processes for managing student academic integrity. We have reviewed the processes for marking up scripts suspected of misconduct. We have reviewed the presentation of student material – including presenting materials in various formats, such as video.’


We’ll update you on the progress of other service improvements as they emerge – they are happening all the time.


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