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Dean Collins shares his top tip for staying organised 

In a world where most people have a smartphone, there are many tools and apps to help us stay organised. However everyone is different, and what’s useful for one person might not be as useful for someone else.

Enter the bullet journal. The bullet journal is a quick and simple way of keeping track of all of your to-do lists, habits and things you need to remember. It’s creative, you can personalise it and best of all its paper based.

Bullet Journaling is a really simple way to keep on top of the small things:

  • Each day (whatever time works best for you) simply tick off tasks that you said you’d complete, or move tasks to a different day
  • A Future Log will help you organise all of your tasks and keep them organised months at a time
  • You may also like to keep track of habits each day (for example exercise, meditation or drinking water)
  • An Index page at the beginning of your journal will make sure you can always find the information you need.


You can present this information in any way you wish: tables and graphs, pictures or even comic strips! If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the Bullet Journal website or a scroll through Instagram.


To start creating your own Bullet Journal, Buzzfeed have a helpful step by step here or some useful ideas you might like here.


Here’s an example from Sophie’s bullet journal:


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