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Comparing 1st & 2nd Year

People keep reminding me that I am already half way through my Geography degree, a fact which I find pretty terrifying. I am also getting asked the general question: “what are you going to do after uni?” far more frequently.

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Print vs. Digital

Three reasons why I use print over digital: 1. I hate staring at a screen. I’ve had several essay deadlines recently and have consequently been staring at a screen up to 6 hours a day. Reading from a screen takes

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Print vs. Digital – it’s not a case of which is better

Over the course of my second year at Sussex University I have found I use digital resources far more than printed ones. From the very beginning of each of my four modules the reading lists have been posted weekly on

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Printed vs. Digital

In this blog post I’ll compare printed resources to digital ones from a reader’s and student’s point of view. If we start where everything starts (or ends) for a student: money. E-books are definitely cheaper than printed books. You also

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