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Third year survey now closed!

Our third year survey on resource usage and reading is now closed! We are analysing the results over this week and will bring you our findings in next week’s blog.

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Companion websites for textbooks

Something students always find useful are materials within a book they can use to test themselves. This is usually the case in science textbooks (maths, physics etc.), but not so often in my course. I remember having multiple choice questions and short answers questions

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What type of textbook will make it onto my Christmas wish-list this year?

So we have heard about the ideal textbook from a geographer’s point of view, but what about a business student? Over the past two and a half years of my course I have been assigned around 18 core textbooks and

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A perfect textbook?

I have not yet come across the perfect Geographical textbook during my time at university. Often my tutors won’t mention a relevant textbook at all, instead recommending various academic books or articles which are available through the uni library online.

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How to come up with an empirical project idea

The final year is a dissertation year. In psychology, that is called an empirical research. We get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of carrying out a study under the supervision of a member of faculty. To me, this is

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How to research for a presentation

This post shows step by step how I found and used resources for a recent group presentation assignment. The task involved compiling a range of resources to present to the rest of our seminar group as an introduction to a

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