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Review of Project Planner

Although it seems early, I need to start thinking about my final research essay for one of my modules, ‘the United States in the World’ as my professor wants us to have written an initial outline by next week. Over

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Canada: the country that forced Eva to buy a book

In Canada I had many new experiences; maple syrup became a staple in my diet (turns out it’s great in curries), I felt what it’s like to walk around in -40’C, I witnessed politeness so extreme it made me uncomfortable,

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Eva and Lucy’s Work Experience at SAGE HQ

We’re currently typing this from our desks in SAGE HQ where we are loving the world of real work! We’ve been here for just over a week and we’ve done so much already, working with the design, marketing, editorial, user testing

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5 ways in which my researching techniques have changed

I’ve worked a lot harder this year than I did last year, partly because this year’s grades count and partly because a lot more is expected of me. With my improved work ethic I have found that I have used

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Survey Results

We conducted an online survey to find out which resources students use and how they use them. 1. Even though this was the survey with the least respondents, we did manage to get students from courses we wanted. Many of the

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Focus Groups

Following the success of last year’s focus group, we decided to hold another one to see how behaviour has changed within students. Enticed by free cake and sandwiches, we held informal discussions with one large group of 13 students and

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Food For Your Thoughts

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Social Media and Studying

Over the holidays I like to deactivate my Facebook account. I have no need for it and find it dangerously time consuming. The reason why I can’t deactivate it during term time is that I rely on it to get

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Expectations and Valuing of Resources

I have only bought one book since starting university and that was only because I had been given a book voucher. If I’m too frugal to pay for a bus to uni when it’s raining, I certainly can’t bring myself

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Differences Between First Year and Second Year

The disheartening feeling of not understanding my mother tongue has faded! The concentration and patience required to plough through the dense International Relations jargon found in my readings is now at a bearable level. Seemingly foreign words frequented sentences far

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