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Quick tips for finding essay materials

For me, one of the most stressful things as a Psych student is finding references papers for essays. At A-Level I could pretty much get away with typing a subject matter into google, and pull information from random pages without it

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Survey Results: Post Arrival Reading

In the second of our three survey results posts, we look at post-arrival reading. Out of 115 respondents to the survey, 56% of students did purchase further books after attending lectures. The reason behind this decision to purchase books later

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A Learning Process

Having made it through the first term, you expect to find yourself looking towards the second term with a new found confidence: You’ve been taught the resilience needed to scroll through an unimaginable number of pages from a Google Scholar

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To buy, or not to buy

“As if! Two-hundred pounds for a couple of text books?” was, as I recall, my initial reaction as I read the email from the School of Psychology. The email detailed a package deal on textbooks that was being offered to first

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Day 1

With a resigned sigh I flopped down on my bed, staring at my sparsely populated pin-board, and wondering what I should do with myself. My mum had left a few minutes earlier and I was suddenly feeling very alone. It

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