3 Tips for Relaxed Assessments

  Despite my best intentions, my first-year assessments invariably reverted to last-minute rushes. It was only recently, with the help of these tips, that I realised they could be relaxed, engaging and almost (it still feels odd saying it) enjoyable. Schedule your study periods. It goes without saying that starting earlier will make everything more … Continue reading 3 Tips for Relaxed Assessments

Hello from a new SAGE scholar.

Hi, I'm Ollie. I'm a second-year psychology and business management student. I have just become a SAGE scholar, and I'm really excited to blog/vlog lots of useful posts about studying. I'm passionate about reading self-help and business books, and I've come across tons of insights that I'd love to share. I'll be covering the psychological side and … Continue reading Hello from a new SAGE scholar.