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Quick tips for finding essay materials

For me, one of the most stressful things as a Psych student is finding references papers for essays. At A-Level I could pretty much get away with typing a subject matter into google, and pull information from random pages without it

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5 Simple Steps To Completing Your Essay Assignment

Completing assignments tend to follow the same sequence of events every time round, where you have loads of time, have loads of time then, gasp! The deadline is in a week and you’re aiming for a first (because why would

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How To: Using Resources

What I thought I already knew At the beginning and even mid way through the term I thought I could survive on the textbooks I had already purchased. I was getting good grades in my exams from following the essential

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Essay Quest: How to find the best sources

Within Global Studies, having essential readings as an online resource is a godsend! With so many different readings from different journals and authors, buying books would very quickly result in shedding out hundreds of pounds for a one time read.

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5 Hardest Things about Psychology Dissertation

I’ve discussed my dissertation quite a lot in my previous posts, from gathering resources to tips for writing a perfect psychology paper. Now that I’ve finally submitted it, I thought it would be useful to discuss things I’ve struggled with.

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My Five Greatest Coursework Hurdles

Having just celebrated my final exam, now is a great time to look back over my fourth year which has shot past. It only seems like it was the other day that I was having to get back into academic

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Writing the Perfect Paper

Over the course of my time at Sussex, I have had the opportunity to write papers on a vast array of topics. For this blog I will discuss some of the particularities of written assessments on a business course, the

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Resources for my empirical project (Psychology dissertation)

In the last term of my last year I (fortunately) don’t have any exams. I have two tests, two essays, a presentation, and my dissertation. Both my essays and my dissertation are due on the 12th of May, which means

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New Term Resolutions

Having just finished my January exams, now is the time to reflect on my past modules and prepare for my final term. Like many students on the business courses, I don’t have a dissertation. Instead, my final term will follow

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Companion websites for textbooks

Something students always find useful are materials within a book they can use to test themselves. This is usually the case in science textbooks (maths, physics etc.), but not so often in my course. I remember having multiple choice questions and short answers questions

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