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How To: Using Resources

What I thought I already knew At the beginning and even mid way through the term I thought I could survive on the textbooks I had already purchased. I was getting good grades in my exams from following the essential

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Canada: the country that forced Eva to buy a book

In Canada I had many new experiences; maple syrup became a staple in my diet (turns out it’s great in curries), I felt what it’s like to walk around in -40’C, I witnessed politeness so extreme it made me uncomfortable,

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In a jungle of books

I had expected along with my acceptance letter an additional note, like in the Harry Potter books where it clearly states which book students had to purchase ahead of their year at Hogwarts. Like the disappointment of not receiving a

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Review: Study Skills for Business and Management

Study Skills for Business and Management is a guide packed with tips and tools to help any business student get the most out of their degree. For first years it is a great introduction to university work and the different

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What type of textbook will make it onto my Christmas wish-list this year?

So we have heard about the ideal textbook from a geographer’s point of view, but what about a business student? Over the past two and a half years of my course I have been assigned around 18 core textbooks and

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Summer Internship at Google

I’ve learnt that I’ve secured a summer internship at Google in May, so I’ve been excited about it for the whole month before I started working there. Unfortunately the month that followed was also the assessment period and I guess due to

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Expectations and Valuing of Resources

I have only bought one book since starting university and that was only because I had been given a book voucher. If I’m too frugal to pay for a bus to uni when it’s raining, I certainly can’t bring myself

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Differences Between First Year and Second Year

The disheartening feeling of not understanding my mother tongue has faded! The concentration and patience required to plough through the dense International Relations jargon found in my readings is now at a bearable level. Seemingly foreign words frequented sentences far

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Print vs. Digital

Three reasons why I use print over digital: 1. I hate staring at a screen. I’ve had several essay deadlines recently and have consequently been staring at a screen up to 6 hours a day. Reading from a screen takes

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Print vs. Digital – it’s not a case of which is better

Over the course of my second year at Sussex University I have found I use digital resources far more than printed ones. From the very beginning of each of my four modules the reading lists have been posted weekly on

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