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Survey: Fancy winning a £100 Amazon voucher and study skills books?

If you’re looking for the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher and set of SAGE publication study skills books please fill in the short survey below! The survey is looking at pre-arrival reading for undergraduate students for 2016-2017. We

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Starting University: The Reading List

After buying half of Ikea, and ticking off that list to ensure there is nothing you have forgotten to buy, you finally feel prepared for university. That is until a friend or parent asks you about what books you need

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A new country, a new town and a new experience

From the backseat of my parent’s car I saw the sign: UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX. Squeezed in between boxes and suitcases I could not get the grip that this would become my new home. After a pair of rewritten personal statements,

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