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Survey Results: Post Arrival Reading

In the second of our three survey results posts, we look at post-arrival reading. Out of 115 respondents to the survey, 56% of students did purchase further books after attending lectures. The reason behind this decision to purchase books later

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How To: Using Resources

What I thought I already knew At the beginning and even mid way through the term I thought I could survive on the textbooks I had already purchased. I was getting good grades in my exams from following the essential

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Essay Quest: How to find the best sources

Within Global Studies, having essential readings as an online resource is a godsend! With so many different readings from different journals and authors, buying books would very quickly result in shedding out hundreds of pounds for a one time read.

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A Learning Process

Having made it through the first term, you expect to find yourself looking towards the second term with a new found confidence: You’ve been taught the resilience needed to scroll through an unimaginable number of pages from a Google Scholar

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Canada: the country that forced Eva to buy a book

In Canada I had many new experiences; maple syrup became a staple in my diet (turns out it’s great in curries), I felt what it’s like to walk around in -40’C, I witnessed politeness so extreme it made me uncomfortable,

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In a jungle of books

I had expected along with my acceptance letter an additional note, like in the Harry Potter books where it clearly states which book students had to purchase ahead of their year at Hogwarts. Like the disappointment of not receiving a

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My Five Greatest Coursework Hurdles

Having just celebrated my final exam, now is a great time to look back over my fourth year which has shot past. It only seems like it was the other day that I was having to get back into academic

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Five Top Tips for Freshers

For my last blog I looked at how the resources that I use have expanded considerably since my first essay at Sussex. However, my ability to find sources is not the only way in which I have developed. So here

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Have I improved my research?

Looking back over the second year and comparing it to my first year I have to say that I have noticed my research has changed. I went through the first essay I submitted in my first year recently and I

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A video about video…

Click on the YouTube video below to play a short video blog from Lucy, Lenart and Eva explaining how they use video in their studies.

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