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Survey Results: No Pre-Arrival Reading Received

Following on from the previous two posts relating to our pre-arrival reading research, our final post looks at the results of people who did not receive pre-arrival reading and how they went about preparing for starting university despite this.  Out

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Survey Results: Post Arrival Reading

In the second of our three survey results posts, we look at post-arrival reading. Out of 115 respondents to the survey, 56% of students did purchase further books after attending lectures. The reason behind this decision to purchase books later

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Survey Results : Pre-Arrival Reading Recieved

Following in tradition from the previous sage scholars, in early December 2016 we formulated a survey for undergraduate students in order to find out about their pre-arrival preparation for university, particularly in their reading allocations. Having received 115 responses in

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Survey: Fancy winning a £100 Amazon voucher and study skills books?

If you’re looking for the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher and set of SAGE publication study skills books please fill in the short survey below! The survey is looking at pre-arrival reading for undergraduate students for 2016-2017. We

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Third Year Survey Results

We ran a survey in order to get an idea about resource use and reading lists of third year Sussex students. Students from a range of disciplines answered the survey and as you can see the highest numbers are present in our

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Second Year Students Survey Results

Following the success of a survey about pre-arrival readings we did this time last year, we decided to alter it slightly and use it to enquire about second year students’ book purchasing and reading habits over the summer. The number

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Pre-arrival Reading Survey Analysis

The SAGE Scholars designed a survey to look at various aspects of pre-arrival reading by Undergraduates. General questions such as: ‘Did you recieve a pre-arrival reading list?’ were then followed by more qualatitive questionning. For example students were able to

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Reading Survey

We are keen to see whether our personal experiences of university preparation is similar to our fellow students and so comprised a survey covering the types of possible preparation. We have written about our experiences in our previous blog posts

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