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Summer Internship at Google

I’ve learnt that I’ve secured a summer internship at Google in May, so I’ve been excited about it for the whole month before I started working there. Unfortunately the month that followed was also the assessment period and I guess due to

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An inside look into Study Direct

… aaand my exams are back! I have extraordinary plans for my summer, but I still need to pass 4 exams before my summer can officially begin. I have to say that my exam timetable looks better this term as

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Evaluating resources and using social media for studying

I would only spend money on university resources if I found it completely necessary, if there was no other option or if i thought that a certain book would have an enormous value in my course. At this point I

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How I use my phone and laptop daily

As a student, I am expected to fill myself with new information every day, and as a member of today’s society I am expected to be contactable at all hours of the day. My phone is the perfect tool for

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Technology, technology, technology…

I use several devices each day for my personal life and academic study. It starts off with checking my iPhone when I wake up to see what emails I’ve received or if there are any changes to lecture scheduling for

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Phone or laptop?

Even though some find technology overwhelming and they feel they can’t keep up with all the latest devices or apps on the market, I personally find every technology-related thing I use very helpful. Since my Nexus 7 broke (or since

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Exam Preparation

The fact that it is exam period is visible in (and under) the eyes of most students on campus. I would say that I spend my time productively in the build up to exams, I do my washing, organise folders,

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Completing an Assignment

The way I approach each assignment depends on what type of assignment it is; whether it is an essay, a research project, a short answer test or a presentation. The resources available also differ with each lecturer, some will put

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End of first term – reflections

Before arriving at Sussex, the image I had envisaged of the university student Eva three months down the line was me slaving away until the early hours of the morning, frantically scribbling out essays, stooped over my desk every night

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