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Survey Results: No Pre-Arrival Reading Received

Following on from the previous two posts relating to our pre-arrival reading research, our final post looks at the results of people who did not receive pre-arrival reading and how they went about preparing for starting university despite this.  Out

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Completing an Assignment

The way I approach each assignment depends on what type of assignment it is; whether it is an essay, a research project, a short answer test or a presentation. The resources available also differ with each lecturer, some will put

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Preparing for a mid-term assessment

I used various resources to prepare for the Environmental Risks and Hazards test (February 18th) which makes up 30% of the module grade. I began with looking at the test from last year which our lecturer posted on Study Direct. I

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End of first term – reflections

Before arriving at Sussex, the image I had envisaged of the university student Eva three months down the line was me slaving away until the early hours of the morning, frantically scribbling out essays, stooped over my desk every night

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Preparation for University

To my shame, I have to admit that the only relevant reading I intentionally did before coming to university was the lengthy email suggesting possible preparatory readings. This email was sent out by the Head of School; recommending a list

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