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Survey Results: No Pre-Arrival Reading Received

Following on from the previous two posts relating to our pre-arrival reading research, our final post looks at the results of people who did not receive pre-arrival reading and how they went about preparing for starting university despite this.  Out

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How To: Using Resources

What I thought I already knew At the beginning and even mid way through the term I thought I could survive on the textbooks I had already purchased. I was getting good grades in my exams from following the essential

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Student Forum

With the hope to find out whether our experiences with resources available to students were shared by the rest of the student body, we conducted two student forums where we asked students to share their habits and thoughts on resources.

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First Term: Expectations vs. Reality

I’m going to describe my first term at university abroad as a way of expectations vs. reality in certain areas students might find challenging.  First of all, living away from home and settling in. Personally I didn’t find this challenging

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Reflections on first academic term as a Geography Undergrad

The first academic term at Sussex University introduced very different methods of learning compared to those at A-level. It was especially new for me as I was returning to education after taking a year out between school and university to

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