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SPRiG- Sussex Psychosis Research interest GroupWelcome to the SPRiG Research Ideas Forum. This is a place for SPRiG members (and anyone else with an interest in psychosis-related research) to share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for research. You can post about ideas you have had or areas where you would like to see more research.

We are particularly keen to hear ideas and suggestions from people with lived experience of mental health problems.

Please be aware that this is a moderated forum. There will be a delay before your post goes live. Posts will not be approved if they contain personal or copyrighted information. Posts will also not be approved if they are considered to be potentially offensive or distressing to anyone.

Please contact Clio Berry (E: c.berry@sussex.ac.uk) with any queries.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the SPRiG Research Ideas Forum”

  1. Serene says:

    Sexuality and psychosis- the experience of relationships and sex

  2. Clio Berry says:

    Hi Serene,

    That sounds interesting- I don’t know of anything much anyone else has looked it in relation to this.

    I’m sure there could be some interesting projects in this area.

  3. David Booth says:

    My theoretical calculations of disparities between memory and the present situation open the possibility that anomalous sensory experiences and visual or auditory hallucinations arise from crossmodal integration with ultrafine and/or unusually poor discrimination between levels of certain visual, auditory or other features of natural scenes, subvocalisations etc. These measurements can be made individual by individual using controlled variations in familiar situations related to common unrealistic experiences. The tests could be used in brain imaging, cultural anthropology and diagnosis.

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