The Car – SR18

Who’s building it?

This year, Mobil 1 Sussex Racing have 18 strong  Class 1 team members from a diverse background including students from Mechanical, Electrical and Automotive Engineering.
The philosophy for SR19 is “Elegance”, with the aim to create elegant solutions to some of the engineering problems the car has faced over the past few years.

Evolution Over revolution

The aim is to win.

In order to achieve this, SR19 is focusing on making a car that simply works and is built on time. Doing so will allow the driver to be able to test and get a feel for the car.

We will be using the KTM 450 single-cylinder engine, which has a higher power to weight ratio. Our aero package will consist of a rear diffuser and two side pods to push air through the cooling radiator and above the tyres for extra downforce. Our full tubular chassis has been designed since last year by our Chief Engineer and is optimised for all the features.

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History of the Team