Class 1

Team Management

William Tint
Team Leader

Will is in his final year of his MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. Following the Formula Student UK 2018 event he was elected Team Leader for Mobil 1 Sussex Racing 2019 and is supported by the Chief Engineer and Commercial Director. His role requires him to manage a team of interdisciplinary engineers and oversee the budget and design of the car. He is also required to set objectives and deadlines for the project, liaise with workshop technicians and external suppliers and sponsors whilst ensuring the project is executed in a smooth and efficient manner.

Ollie Parkes
Chief Engineer
Ollie is in his final year of studying an MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. With plenty of experience as a vehicle mechanic, Ollie gives to the team plenty of experience in vehicle design, as well as a wealth of hands on knowledge in manufacturing processes. His role within the team is to liaise with sub-teams and workshop staff. This ensures a competitive car is suitably manufactured, built on time, and is in line with the design objectives set out by the Formula Student governing body.
Jan Jagoda
Commercial Director

Jan is responsible for handling the finances of the project, finding and securing sponsorship and maintaining an effective working relationship with our current sponsors. He is also responsible for creating and publishing the email newsletter.

Sophie Cornish
Logistics Director
Sophie is the Logistics Director of this year’s Formula Student team, and is in the final year of her MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. This position involves organizing internal and external events, including taking the car to events and the launch party next June. She is also responsible for organizing the university widen participation days, where students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds come to the university to gain a better understanding of higher education and engineering. The logistics of the competition at Silverstone are all organised by Sophie, namely the pit-lane, campsite and transport of the team.
Camilo Castaneda
Communications Director

Camilo is proficient with social media marketing, video, photography and graphic design. As well as being in his last year of Mechanical Engineering, he has had various experiences in managing the communications of small businesses. As a result, he is the Communications Director for the Mobil 1 Sussex Racing 2018 team. This involves ensuring that our brand is maintained in all our external contact, whilst also publicising the team to as wide an audience as possible. He is also overseeing our website design and all social media communication over the year.

Chassis & Suspension

Steven Charlambous
Head of Chassis & Sus | Suspension Geometries
Steven is head of Chassis and Suspension. It is Steven’s responsibility to ensure all components within his department are manufactured within budget, to time and to satisfy the design objectives. Alongside his leadership role, it is his responsibility to design the suspension geometries and, ultimately, manufacture the wishbones and pushrods.
Ollie Parkes

Ollie’s role within the team is to design a tubular chassis capable of providing a good base for the forthcoming vehicle. Ollie has many years of experience in chassis design, and will set out to optimize and improve on previous designs, in order to create the most suitable chassis for the vehicle. This year the main design goal will be manipulating the chassis structure to aid the other components, whilst attempting to lower weight and increase strength.

Jan Jagoda
Steering, Seating & Harness

As part of the Vehicle Dynamics sub-team, Jan’s role is to design a steering system that works well at low speed, in tight corners and gives good driver feedback allowing for fast lap times. Jan also must ensure that all parts of the cockpit are designed ergonomically for the driver, which includes the harness, seat and steering wheel. 

William Turner
Front Wheel Assemblies
Will is responsible for the design and manufacture of the front wheel assemblies. This involves working closely with his other team members to ensure the assemblies fit around the suspension and chassis of the car. The design of the front wheels assemblies involves designing parts that can withstand the loads and forces the car experiences while minimising the weight of the parts to ensure a rapid response of the car.
William Tint
Rear Wheel Assemblies

Will is responsible for the design and manufacture of the rear wheel assemblies. He will be focusing on developing an improved design from last year’s assemblies whilst reducing manufacturing time and overall cost. He will also be looking to reduce weight in the whole assembly whilst maintaining structural integrity.

Jack Moss
Jack’s role within the chassis and suspension sub-team is to design the braking system for the car. As somebody with past research experience in the field of contact mechanics, his primary task is the design and manufacture of custom brake discs: a task which has not been successfully completed since 2016. Other aspects Jack’s role include the selection of the brake calipers, pads, hose, and master cylinders, and ensuring the various components of the braking system integrate correctly within the forthcoming vehicle.
James Bellingal
Anti-Roll Bar, Bell Cranks and Coil Over

Jimmy is an Automotive engineering MEng student his final year. He is in charge of designing the bell cranks, anti-roll bars and selection of the spring dampers as part of the Chassis and Suspension team. He is also taking the roll of social secretary.

Vehicle Integration

Dhruv Amin
Head of Vehicle Integration | Rear Diffuser & Under-tray

Dhruv is currently studying a Masters within in Mechanical Engineering. His involvement in Formula student began in his third year and now he is head of Vehicle Integration. Areas under his supervision involve the pedal box, impact attenuator, aerodynamics and bodywork, where he overlooks his sub-team ensuring expectations and deadlines are being met. Dhruv’s plan for aerodynamics this year is to work from the ground up. By utilizing his Computational fluid dynamics skills, he is looking to exploit ground effects to his benefit and create an under tray and rear diffuser capable of generating significant down force with low drag. Dhruv and his aerodynamic team is looking to improve the car’s balance, handling performance and cornering capabilities, thus reduce lap times for the dynamic events.

Hong Gan
Side Pods

Hong is a Mechanical MEng student currently in his final year. He is in the Vehicle Integration sub-team in charge of designing, testing and manufacturing the aerodynamic package for the side pods of SR19, aiming to deliver a competitive package capable of providing sufficient airflow, additional downforce with minimal drag. 

Yunus Ozindemir
Impact Attenuator

Yunus is currently on his 4th and final year of studying Meng Mechanical Engineering, as a member of the Vehicle Integration sub-team, Yunus' role is to design, manufacture and test our Impact Attenuator for SR18 to ensure it fully meets and passes all FSAE rules. The Impact Attenuator, also known as the crash cushion, is designed to withstand the force of a collision in order to protect the driver in the event of an accident, therefore is a critical component of the car.

Nassim Azira
Pedal Box

Nassim has the task of designing and manufacturing the pedal box for the car. The pedal box is responsible for accelerating, decelerating, changing gear and launching the car and consists of all the pedals required to control the car. which must be as light as possible, while also being tough enough to be as safe and reliable as possible. The rules and regulations state that the pedal box must be able to take more than 2000N (204kg) of force, during braking.

Marcus Locke

Marcus is currently in his final year of an integrated masters in mechanical engineering. This is his first year as a member of Formula Student and his key role is to design the bodywork. This role presents the challenge of designing a low drag body, whilst simultaneously maximising the performance of the aerodynamic devices on the car. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Design software will play a crucial part in maximising the aerodynamic performance of the car.


Elliot Wood
Head of Powertrain | Intake

Elliot is in the final year of his MEng Mechanical Engineering course at Sussex and this year’s Powertrain Sub-Team Leader. Within this role he will have to oversee and manage the smooth production of the Powertrain for the SR18 car. Good time and budget management is key within the role, as the build time has to adhere to pre-set deadlines to ensure the Powertrain is built on schedule. Elliots's responsibility within the sub-team is to design an optimized intake manifold suitable for the chosen single-cylinder KTM 450 SX-F engine. This entails the use of engine modelling, CAD and CFD software to fully optimize the intake manifold for the restricted airflow.

Max Roseblade
Max's project covers designing the drive train system for the sr-19 car. It is important to design each component with the whole assembly in mind to ensure maximum power transfer with limited losses. This will be accomplished using previous experience and innovative designs.
Camilo Castaneda

Camilo's role in the Powertrain team is to ensure that an effective cooling system is in place for the new KTM 450 SX-F engine. It is imperative that the cooling system is correctly specified to avoid overheating during the long idle times between events, and to ensure the engine is running at it's optimum temperature. 

Joseph Schmitt

Joseph is part of the powertrain sub-team, specifically he is designing the exhaust system and investigating the optimization exhaust wave 'scanvenging'. His project involves creating a 1-Dimensional engine simulation of the KTM 450 SX-F in Ricardo Wave, this model can predict the behavior of the restricted engine. Once calibrated, the model can be used to optimist the exhaust in conjunction with valve timing to increase the volumetric efficiency in the ideal speed range. Overall, the aim is to reduce the negative impacts of the restrictor, by maximizing volumetric efficiency for an optimum torque curve.

Sophie Cornish
Fuel System
Sophie's role in the Powertrain team is to decide on which fuel is used in the car, choosing appropriate fuel lines to supply the fuel, and designing and manufacturing the fuel tank. The main focus is improving on the fuel system of last year, to improve the fuel efficiency. In addition, the fuel tank must be designed with passing the endurance test in mind, whilst minimizing its capacity to keep it lightweight.
Tom Mclellan
Wire Loom
Nassim Azira
ECU | Mapping

Nassim Azira is responsible to choosing the correct ECU (engine control unit) and mapping the engine ECU (the brains of the engine) in order for it to operate to the best that it possibly can. The idea will be for the engine to be as powerful as possible and as efficient as possible when it needs to be. Nassim is also responsible for choosing the sensors of the engine and drivetrain of the SR-19 Formula Student car.


Photo Credit – Tom Hoppe