Class 2

Sussex Racing Class 2 consists of students in their 3rd year of study at the University of Sussex from a range of Engineering disciplines. They partake in the Static events which Class 1 also enter. This is in anticipation of entering a Class 1 vehicle the following year. They create a fictional Class 1 vehicle presenting Business, Cost and Design cases to a panel of judges. In 2016, Class 2 came 4th in the UK and 8th in the World, with the Top UK Business Presentation and in 2017 the team finished 11th in the UK and 16th Overall.

Meet the Class 2 Team

Team Management

Lucy Uffindell-Saunderson
Team Leader

Lucy is a third year MEng Mechanical Engineering student and this year’s Class 2 Team Leader. She will be responsible for the Class 2 team. This involves organising all the team events and ensuring that the team is prepared for 2020.

Abigail Berhane
Chief Engineer

Abigail is currently a third year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student and Chief Engineer for the Class 2 Sussex Race team. As a chief engineer Abigail needs to oversee the work that the current engineers are doing to ensure the best car is built and with regulations.


Vehicle Dynamics

Tom Rajapolan

'Tom is a third year Automotive engineering MEng student. Will be undertaking the task of researching and theoretically determining the optimum steering geometry and mounting through the use of variable Ackermann. Also using Solidworks and Ansys to model and simulate elements of the steering system. Tom aims to design and test a steering system that provides optimum responsiveness for the rigorous testing of Formula student whilst limiting the weight of the system. The system will have variable geometry to allow for optimum configurations for each section of testing. Tom will design the steering geometry and mounting in conjunction with the suspension and chassis teams.

Rear Suspension

Colin is a third year Mechanical engineering student. This year he will be working on an alternate rear suspension design and assembly for the class 2 car. He will be computing a Multi-link suspension set-up involving the finite element analysis of the structure to work out its optimum geometry, and a computer aided design of the structure as a form of more dynamic modelling. His key objectives are saving weight whilst supplying an optimum RWD configuration.

Lucy Uffindell-Saunderson
Front Suspension
Lucy’s individual project is the front suspension on the Formula Student car. Her main aim is to have the lightest and most durable suspension. She hopes to achieve this by designing a double wishbone suspension with unequal arm lengths and then testing her design in ANSYS and Adams.
Maqboul Alghamdi

Maqboul is currently undertaking his final year studying Mechanical Engineering at Sussex after also completing a foundation year. For his final year’s individual project, he will participate in the Formula student Class 2 project.

His role is designing a tubular chassis for this years car, aiming for a design that will resist torsional and bending forces chassis members subjected to, while still complying with regulation. The chassis will be 3D modeled using SOLIDWORKS, Finite element analysis will be carried out to compare different designs in addition to Real Stress Test of small section to validate simulation.

Mo Douglah
Rear Suspension

Mo is a third year student. This year he will be working on the rear suspension. He will be designing a double wishbone suspension using cad and ANSYS to find the optimum geometry of the suspension. His main objective is to design a cheap lightweight and effective suspension.

Matthew Bush

Matthew is a current third year MEng Mechanical Engineering student. His role within the Formula Student Class 2 team is designing the chassis for his project. The project involves the design of a monocoque chassis and a space frame rear to house the engine. The focus will be on the use of composite material to produce a good strength to weight ratio for a safe and rigid design. FEA will be used to analyse stress for specific parts of the model to discover the improvements needed to produce a greater performing chassis.

Ethan Mahoney
Steering Mechanism

Ethan is a third year mechanical engineering student. His task is to design a steering mechanism for the Class 2 car. This will involve a CAD model then simulating his design and analyzing results. He will also look into track layouts and how the steering will respond to different corners, aiding the driver by informing them of what speed and input angle will result in optimum cornering speed.

Richard Warmington

Richard is a third year MEng Mechanical Engineering student whose role is to design a tubular chassis capable of withstanding the forces subjected to the car, whilst remaining as light as possible and adhering to the rules laid out by the IMECHE.

Vehicle Integration

Diego Mirones García

Diego is on his third year of his Meng Course. He is currently investigating the possible effects of aerodynamic designs on performance. This involves big use of 3D design software along with computational simulations to achieve the best balance between down force and drag.

Calum Hewelett
Front & Rear Wings

Calum is currently in his third year of a MEng Mechanical Engineering degree at Sussex after completing a foundation year. This year he is undertaking a Formula Student Class 2 project based around the computational fluid dynamic analysis of potential performance effects of front and rear wings. The main objective of his project is to try and find a way to maximise the downforce the car experiences whilst minimising drag, via the wings, to improve potential lap times. Calum is also an avid fan of Formula 1, and this has developed into a keen interest into aerodynamics of high-performance cars.


Owen Hughes

Owen is a third year Automotive Engineering student investigating the use of a CVT transmission. He will be researching gearbox technologies, running simulations and developing designs that will improve the performance and efficiency of our car.

Abby Berhane

Abby's individual project is on the ‘Aerodynamic Performance of a Turbocharger Compressor’ and looks at how the addition of a recirculating cavity in the compressor casing can result in better compressor stability. As this is Formula Student related, she will also be looking at the effects of the baseline compressor map and geometrically adapted compressor map on a 449cc KTM 450 SX-F ICE single cylinder engine in Wave. Alongside this, she is also the president and founder of Sussex society, EinE (Equality in Engineering), and advocate for promoting equality in engineering.


Compliance Officers

Within the team there are a number of Compliance Officers who are Year 2 students. They assist the team with checking work against the Rules and Regulations. You can get involved with this by visiting our ‘Get Involved‘ page.