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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 5

By Sotirios Athanasoulias Tuesday 28 August 2018 We are already nine days in Malaysia. Nine days full of new experiences and positive vibes. This week we joined the Coverage department and we are learning how to survey residential areas for

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10 things I wish I knew before joining the Business School

By Alicia Briedis and Andrew Donald As students in the Business School, for the last two years we’ve learnt a fair amount about how to make the most of your time here. When first joining university, it can be hard

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 4

By Umar Akram Monday 27 August 2018 The second week of our internship with TIME will be spent with the Coverage and Rollout team, “the backbone” of the company. The first day with the coverage team could be summed up

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 3

By Will Fennelly Saturday 25 August 2018 There are many words which can be used to describe today and the rest of my time here in Malaysia, a select few of those words would be: incredible, surreal, spectacular… The list

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 2

By Inbrahim Fares Thursday 23 August 2018 A great experience on our first week in TIME was visiting their Menara AIMS Data Centre in Kuala Lumpur city. It is owned by TIME and is currently one of the biggest data

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 1

By Olu Lawal Wednesday 22 August 2018 It all started on Saturday 18 August at Heathrow Airport, when 12 of us headed to our internship at TIME dotcom Berhard, in Malaysia’s capital city: Kuala Lumpur. Our group is a mixture

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MBA Madrid study trip reflection

By Alinery Lalngilneii Lianhlawng Sussex MBA students took a four-day study trip to Madrid in March 2018 to learn more about management in government, business and research and to meet with Sussex Alumni based in the city. The Madrid trip allowed

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My study abroad experience

by Evelin Potocnik, University of Arkansas, US Without the Erasmus grant I wouldn’t have even thought about going abroad to the USA because I knew that the costs are very high. I wanted the experience but I didn’t want to

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Tips for reducing food waste from the Business School’s Green Impact team

By Claire Tymoshyshyn and Kirsty Bryant (members of the Business School Green Impact team) How can we help to reduce the amount of food thrown into Landfill? Globally, a third of all food produced is wasted, and in the UK, households

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An insight into Enactus Society’s Project 36 team

By Chris Youngman The project Project 36 is an international community project based in Nepal, run by the students of the University of Sussex. This project is being undertaken to locally tackle the global issue of Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA).

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