At the University of Sussex Business School, we help you to see further. We don’t just take the world for granted as it is, but think about how it could be. Our work draws on management, economics, science, technology and innovation studies, to make an impact on the future of people and institutions the world over. We study the issues that matter, in order to transform our world and your future.

Our School draws on many of Sussex’s intellectual traditions, including a critical perspective on contemporary business, political, economic and social issues and a belief that major societal challenges need expertise across many academic disciplines.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a School that collaborates across disciplines to shape global issues in business, management, and society, making an impact on policy, practice, and people.

Our mission

Our mission to achieve this vision is to:

  • carry out high-quality research and develop innovative policy
  • develop current and aspiring leaders who will champion critical and original thinking
  • work internationally with businesses, governments, and others to deliver innovative approaches to management.

About the blog

Welcome to the University of Sussex Business School blog. Our blog includes content from our students, staff and visitors. If you would like to submit a blog post, please contact us at business-communications@sussex.ac.uk

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