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Bradford: 50 years of BBC Radio: National Science & Media Museum (2017) The project’s first public event was held at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford on Saturday 7th October 2017 and celebrated fifty years of BBC Radio

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A number of blogs were written by the team during the project. These are reproduced below:

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Project Team

David Hendy is Emeritus Professor of Media and Cultural History at the University of Sussex. He is a media historian, interested very broadly in the role of sound, images, and communication in different human cultures across time. He’s especially interested

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A project of this size and complexity required a large team. It consisted of: Professor David Hendy (Principal Investigator); Professor Margaretta Jolly, the Director of the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research, University of Sussex; Professor Tim Hitchcock,

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100 Voices that made the BBC

100 Voices that Made the BBC consists of a series of specially-themed websites, developed by the Connected Histories of the BBC team and hosted by BBC History. The nine editions launched between 2015 and 2021 were designed to offer a

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