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computer-304585_640 As the weekend rolls in, we’re reflecting on the week here at IT Services. Remarkably, it’s been pretty unremarkable. It’s been a huge relief to see that the systems are getting back to normal after the problems we’ve been experiencing, especially as it’s meant a lot of late nights and weekends in the office for IT staff. We’re glad it’s working better now, mainly so Dave can catch up on Strictly Come Dancing housework after spending far too much time here over the last few weeks, but also because it’s really nasty sitting in here trying to fix things whilst campus life is being disrupted.

We’ve had a series of issues since a planned software upgrade that took place just before the start of term and the makers of the software have been working closely with us to find the problems and to fix them. We also replaced some hardware to make sure that wasn’t compromising the service at all but things really seemed to click back into place after an evening fixing session with the software manufacturers last Friday.

Now that we seem to be operating as business as usual, we’re directing efforts at reviewing the systems we have in place to make sure that we have the best possible infrastructure so that we can make further improvements to the service we offer.

We’re grateful to the students and staff who provided their feedback as often it’s that first tweet or message in the Support inbox that indicates something’s gone wrong, often helping to quickly reveal the scale of the problem. We also aim to keep you adequately informed as to the status of these problems; if you haven’t already, please sign up to receive our Latest News notifications and check the other channels we use to stay in touch with you.

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