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Are you making use of your web space?

Did you know that anyone with a Sussex ITS username can set up a personal website on the University’s servers..? Look – I did it. Take a look, as it gives some suggestions as to what you might like to

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ITS Desks part 2

Information Delivery Manager I like having a few reference books around and I refer to some of them quite a lot. As I’m often writing copy for websites and publications, Fowler’s Modern Usage is the busiest but I check some

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A Look at Linux … part 1

Q: What do Amazon, this fridge and the Hadron collider have in common?   A: They’re all run on Linux.   We all know that one person, right?  That one person who has more computers than they surely need, who

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PA55W0rDs ar3 Ch@ng!ng

The wisdom is simple; a strong password is a long password (and more rhyming fun later in the post).  That’s why, from February 24 2016, new ITS passwords created must be ten characters or more.  Currently, Sussex ITS passwords have to be

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Tweet Tweet

Harness the power of the little blue bird As I see it, there are two ways to use Twitter at uni. For arguments’ sake, I’m going to name one the student life approach, and the other the academic life approach.

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Training Courses

Do you wish your Excel skills were just a little bit sharper? Want to make a truly stunning research poster? Or get to grips with Photoshop? We have a long list of training courses coming up over the next few

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The demise of Internet Explorer 9 and the rollout of IE 11

Automatic Upgrade for Staff January 2016 will see Microsoft discontinuing support for its older web browsers, including the widely used Internet Explorer 9. IE 9 was initially released in 2011 and although it has continued to receive updates, Microsoft announced

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