The demise of Internet Explorer 9 and the rollout of IE 11

Automatic Upgrade for Staff


January 2016 will see Microsoft discontinuing support for its older web browsers, including the widely used Internet Explorer 9. IE 9 was initially released in 2011 and although it has continued to receive updates, Microsoft announced last year that the browser’s lifetime was now running out.

The discontinuation of centralised support for the older browsers means that they will no longer receive essential security updates which are vital for the safe running of the software. Without these updates, the browsers are left extremely vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks.

To avoid these problems, we will be automatically upgrading IE 9 to IE 11 on computers that are still continuing to run it. Although they introduced a new browser, Edge, earlier this year, Internet Explorer 11 will continue to be supported by Microsoft until at least 2023.

Compatibility issues

Whilst the performance of IE 11 has received high praise especially with regards to speed, security and privacy, it is recognised that many websites are not yet ready to function correctly on Internet Explorer 11. In anticipation of users facing these difficulties the new browser features a compatibility mode that allows the use of old websites and web applications in IE 11. If you regularly use a website that isn’t opening as expected in the new browser, you can add it to a list of websites that will always be opened in Compatibility View by adding it to a list under the browser’s Tools menu.


The upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 will not result in any loss of critical functionality to Agresso Web Users, however the option to copy and paste report results into Excel (‘Copy to Clipboard’ function) is not available in IE11.  If you need this option please contact the Agresso helpdesk

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