ITS Desks part 2

Information Delivery Manager

The desk of an Information Delivery Manager

I like having a few reference books around and I refer to some of them quite a lot. As I’m often writing copy for websites and publications, Fowler’s Modern Usage is the busiest but I check some of the programming manuals regularly too.

My desk is always littered with various test devices. I’m endlessly checking procedures, websites and apps as part of my job, perhaps in order to write instructions, troubleshoot problems raised by users or just to check that things are working properly.

The colourful spots pinned to the backboard are from the new brand design guidelines. Over the next few months, we’ll gradually be changing all of our printed and digital materials to adopt the new designs, including a slightly different colour palette. I haven’t remembered all of the hex codes and CMYK values yet but maybe I will by the time of the next rebranding.

I use a Mac as my main office computer. I do quite a bit of image manipulation and illustration work and the Mac is best for that. But I also have to try out websites and applications on PCs and so there are a couple of old Dell PCs nestled at the back. These have reached the end of their production life but are still useful for testing.

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