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ITS Desks part 2

Information Delivery Manager I like having a few reference books around and I refer to some of them quite a lot. As I’m often writing copy for websites and publications, Fowler’s Modern Usage is the busiest but I check some

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Summer upgrades

Every summer we upgrade all the student computer rooms on the campus. (And give the PCs a good clean while we’re at it!) Computers get a completely fresh installation of Windows, along with any new software required for teaching in the new

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Peak demand on Sussex Direct

This chart shows the numbers of web requests we received for Sussex Direct during each five minute period on 9 April 2015. From 8.00am, first and second-year students were able to choose elective modules for the next academic year and there

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Office 2016 for Mac on trial

Microsoft announced the preview version of Office 2016 for Mac this week  so I downloaded it to see how it’s shaping up. As you can see from the screenshot of Word, the interface is a little cleaner and much closer to

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What’s on the whiteboard?

Whiteboard in IT Services back office showing comments from December’s survey of first year undergraduates. Just so they’re uppermost in our minds!

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Busiest day for Chromebook loans

This is what a busy day looks like for the Chromebooks on loan in the Library. This Monday (9 March) was their busiest day so far with the 24 devices borrowed 93 times between them. Although they generally have a quiet

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Pace of change

We’ve changed the format of our termly newsletter slightly for the latest issue. In IT Services, we’re always so busy working on the next big project, we sometimes forget how much has already happened. So this term we’ve made a

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Posters with Publisher

We’re launching a new course this month, giving students and staff an introduction to Microsoft Publisher. Publisher has been routinely installed on student and staff computers for a while but this is the first time we’ve offered training in it. Often overlooked, Publisher

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The new yellow

Earlier this month, IT Services achieved a long-held ambition. There was little fanfare (although we did have cakes). Most staff and students would have been totally unaware of it. But it was the culmination of years of work and planning when we successfully

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Navigating with Netscape

Amazing what you find when you move desks! One of my colleagues turned up this manual for Netscape Navigator from 1995. Twenty years ago, Netscape was the standard web browser installed on computers at Sussex. That’s if you were lucky

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