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What can you expect from IT Services at the University of Sussex?

It’s not long since the phones were ringing loud and often over at Clearing HQ and the air was generally abuzz with sounds of students celebrating getting into their university of choice, and it’s not long until you future freshers

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Summer upgrades

Every summer we upgrade all the student computer rooms on the campus. (And give the PCs a good clean while we’re at it!) Computers get a completely fresh installation of Windows, along with any new software required for teaching in the new

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Take Control of Your Inbox

Whether you’re a student or a member of staff, the chances are your email inbox is somewhat unruly; it resembles THAT drawer in your house that stuff goes in, doesn’t it?   Those of us who are used to using

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Tenuous Topical Blog Post: Email Migration Complete!

Well, it happened. The office was ringing with the sound of cheers, flags were being waved and burly, grown men dabbed tears from their eyes with tissues.  It had been a long time coming, and meticulous contingency plans had been

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ITS Desks part 1

It’s not all computers back here, you know.  There are real people with real things.  Follow the link below, then click on the bits and pieces (and yes, I did tidy up a bit for you). My Desk

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Music festivals, apps, and UoS

Today I’ve been thinking about music festivals… how could I not?  The day before yesterday the radio was talking about people already making their way down to Glastonbury, and the music doesn’t even start until tomorrow.  So Glastonbury now starts

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“I already know how to do that” … : Why you should do some more training anyway

Whether you’re a student or member of staff at Sussex University, there’s loads of IT training available that you can take advantage of.  This may be at the front of my mind because I’ve just completed a TEL “Take 5”

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