Our first fully catalogued Legacy themed collection: War

The Legacy Collection contains over 20000 printed documents, pamphlets, magazines and ephemeral items there are defined themes of War, Post WW2 World Order, Popular and Counter Cultures, Social Movements, Social Welfare, Trade unions, Gender Studies and Feminism and Political Movements and Parties.

We chose the War collection of 943 items as the first theme to be fully catalogued by our team of expert cataloguers.  Around 30% of the collection had no previous catalogue record, meaning the team worked hard to create new high quality records as well as upgrading the older records.

Each item has been retrieved from our Store, fully catalogued and classified to Library of Congress/Sussex in house system with a new shelfmark, given a fresh barcode and then stored in Melinex where necessary and arranged by shelfmark in archival box ready to be used.

The section has been classified with shelfmarks ranging from A-Z representing the breadth of subject areas covered within the topic of War. There are documents on art, education, gender, religious attitudes, the press, trade, politics, arms and philosophical questions to name a few.

The earliest item dates from 1913 and the latest 1980. Both World Wars along with conflict around the World are covered.

The format can be essays, information booklets, instructional guides and periodicals, some with wonderful illustrations, diagrams and even photographs in later publications.

We would love our enthusiasm for the Legacy War items to be carried around the University and are very keen for the items to be used for teaching and research wherever possible.

Everything can requested at the Information Hub and then used within the Library. All items can be found on Library Search but please do get in touch with Collection Development to find out more about what is in the Legacy War and other Legacy themed areas as we have extensive spreadsheets detailing all content and help to find items that might be of interest to you.

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