Memories of my childhood library

By Caroline Marchant-Wallis

The library of my youth is not a glamorous one. No ornate domes or wood panelled rooms – grandeur never made it to Peacehaven in the 1980s (or ever in fact) – but to little Caroline, Peacehaven library was THE place to go on a Saturday morning whilst my Mum did the weekly shop.

Located inside the Meridian Centre in the middle of the town (also home to what I was proud to hear Chloe Dobson describe as “the biggest Co-op I’ve ever seen”), the library was perfectly positioned for my Dad to be able to take me and my big sister whilst Mum did the food shop. Reflecting on this I realise now this meant that my Dad got out of having to do the food shopping, and my Mum got some much-deserved peace from her children.

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